Information Security

IT Security also known as Information Security or Cyber Security is one of the most critical elements of digital workplace. We are living in a world where data, information, and knowledge are the most valuable asset of any organization. Stealing of business-critical information is an industry itself.

With more and more organization adopting a digital way of working, it is imperative to have equally state information security services. Disruption of work, inability to execute business processes correctly and on-time may result in severe loss of reputation, brand, and income for the organization.


It goes much beyond AV solutions. Today the threat is not only from viruses and ransom wares. The biggest threat to data security of any organization is its employees. Very few organizations have planned and implemented a fool-proof security system. The absence of proper Information Security services and training will render any security setup useless.



IT Security Roadmap in any organization

We provide Five-step information security services

IT Security Audit or VAPT

Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing is the process through which security experts find out the loopholes in the system. It involves a deliberate attempt to penetrate the system and effort to hack data and disrupt operations. This results in a VAPT document that lists out all possible points which may cause data breach or disruption of services at the organization.

IT Security Plan

Our Cybersecurity consultants prepare a work plan on how to plug the gaps in IT security system at the organization. It is an advisory service which results in a proper plan not only for taking care of the vulnerability identified during VAPT but also documentation of the complete Information Security plan for the organization including training needs for employees, SOPs and material implementation like firewall, etc.

Once the security plan has been approved then security professionals and engineers implement the steps mentioned in the plan document. This would include the supply and installation of firewalls, anti-virus solutions, system security configuration of the operating system, application software, database software, and other software and hardware resources. This ends with the training of employees on best practices and their assessment through tests and monitoring.

Post Implementation Testing

This is usually done immediately after the implementation of the security plan. However, for proper results, this should be conducted randomly and at regular intervals too. Regular attention on these increases the chances of early detection of new vulnerabilities and prevents complacency in employees over a period of time.

Crisis Management

In the worst case when despite putting a plan and effort in place, if the system is affected due to new malware, cyber-attack, negligence or any other breach in Information Security, Crisis Management Services will come into play. Security experts and engineers will respond on the war footing to minimize the damage and bring back normalcy as early as possible.